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We are moving ? ;-)


2016-08-08 17:20:07

Hello everyone !

As you may have noticed that the site has changed, has not it?
Here are the explanations!

For several months we developed this site (called V4 since it is the 4th) which brings its batch of new / change.
We would like to informed you that no data was lost during migration, if you have a problem contact admin by PM.

Multi-language website!
We accept the languages English and French on all the site!
Forums dedicated to both languages will be created.

Connection System & Account Migration
Our new connection system is directly related to accounts StarMade.org.
If your nickname on the older site is different from your account StarMade.org, it is necessary to contact an Admin to manually migrate your account. It does not recognize you anymore, because you change Nickname

Do not hesitate to contact an Admin by PM to rename your account and you can recover your previous data.

What if I do not want to appear with my StarMade.org Nickname?
Some used their account as a simple identifier and does not wish to use their nickname. In this case you can change your nickname display over one of your characters in the game (Cf: see below).

Head into your settings to change this (Top right => yourNick -> Settings).

Your accounts are connected to all of your characters in the game!
We have a system that will check every 30 minutes data in game characters. If a match to an account on the site, then it is connected to that account.
This way you can see the list of characters of all players, along with some information. Some information such as the location are not visible to the players. This system allows you to choose a display nickname based on the list of your characters (See: above)

These are the two big changes in V4. For the rest, I let you discover. You should see at least all the same features as before, but with improvements.

Further improvements are expected, stay tuned ;-)
Thank you and wish you a good navigation to all!

The Asguard

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