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Rethink the IA server fleets


2016-09-17 14:23:54


The team of Asguard organizes a competition to redesign the vessels of the Trading Guild, and the vessels of the Pirates.
We often get "Complaints" because "The vessels are not strong enough," or "They're too strong !! ".

So we decided to make the difficult Pirates Easy, and the difficulty of trade Guild in Difficult.

This way, those looking for trouble will only have to attack commercial Guild. For others, there will be Pirates. Namely, that the rewards will therefore consequences.

So here we are in the competition
You have the opportunity to participate in the development of fleets of these two factions, the contest ends on 01/10/2016.

Following the recent contest Starmade, some certainly will already have vessels rabe to offer. (If unfortunately you have been denied)

The conditions for the Pirates:
Hunter ~ 400 mass
Bomber ~ 1k mass
Commander ~ 3k mass
light weapons, moderate damage, no anti missile / inhibitor / ion turrets
black, gray, red, that is the impression that they are pirates
The vessels must beings RP!

The conditions for commercial Guild
Fregate heavy ~ 50k mass
cargo with actual goods on board ~ 10 / 20k mass + jump inhibitor
Fighters / Bombers
Cruisers / mothers Vessels
light gray, blue, white, red and derivative, a design of "nice"
The vessels must beings RP!

Precede the name of the vessels in the catalog by "CONTEST" (privately if you prefer).
That's all, we thank in advance all participants, wishing you good luck :-)

The Asguard team.

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