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New Faction

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    Shujr777 5 months ago

    Ok, sorry,

    I tried to figure out how to make my faction leagal. What does it take to do this?

    Site was recomended to me. My french is really bad even though I had learned 3 yrs in high school.



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    Shujr777 5 months ago

    The faction is "__TheDogBites__"

    The Old dog is usually pretty friendly,

      But he will bite if you pull his tail.


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    Macharius 5 months ago


    since the game in on hold we are approving your faction regardless of our old rules
    Still few rules to follow:

    - No grieff

    - no ship stealing

    - no rude behaviors

    - no mining on planets

    Have fun and welcome on Asguard !

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